Seedstars World Competition

Can I apply with <<insert random business>>?

We are looking for technology based companies, that are less than 2 years old, have raised less than 500k USD and have a working prototype. The types of companies that we are NOT able to support are: non-profit organisations, consultancy companies, advisory services and offline companies (such as restaurants, stores).

Can I apply directly to the Seedstars Summit competition in Switzerland?

No, you cannot. We have a rigorous selection process set in place, and all the startups that want to compete on the global level, must pass through the first selection stages in their respective countries. You can find the agenda of the local events on our main page.

How can I receive the application code?

We are very serious about our selection process, and want to receive only the highest quality applications through recommendations from our local partners. Therefore, please reach out to the main ecosystem enablers in your country and enquire about the application code!

My country is not on the list. Can I apply nevertheless?

If you are based in an emerging market, you can still apply to the event that is taking place nearest to you. However, if you get selected to pitch, Seedstars World will not be able to cover the travel or accommodation costs associated with this journey.