Dream job? What it’s really like to work in 15 countries

Last year I joined Seedstars, an organization with the mission to impact people’s lives in emerging markets and activities...

Venezuela as we see it : Blockchain, Diaspora & Talents

It took us 5 years to finally set a foot in Venezuela. Last Friday, we organised a meetup at Impact Hub, founded in 2013 b...

Seedstars Summit 2018: what you've missed

The Global Seedstars Winner of the 5th edition of Seedstars World Competition is..

Seedstars Summit 2018: Investor Forum Recap

After three days of workshops, bootcamps, one-to-one mentoring and pitching the winner of the 5th Seedstars Summit edition...

Seedstars Summit 2018: Inside Look At Startup Bootcamp

Seedstars Team officially kicks off the Startup Bootcamp for 2018...

Meet the speakers of the 5th Seedstars Summit!

Whether you’ll be at the event or are thinking about coming, here is a first introduction to main speakers at the Summit.

Seedstars, an idea born in Switzerland

A month now from Seedstars Summit 2018 happening in Lausanne, it’s a great occasion to reconnect with Seedstars’ roots: th...

Discover the hottest tech events of emerging markets in 2018

EdTech, FinTech, HealthTech and Agritech are booming sectors all over the world, especially in emerging countries.

MENA: a region on the brink of an entrepreneurial revolution

The Middle East and North Africa are undergoing a rapid political and socioeconomic transformation.

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