Shaping the Future of Emerging Markets Together

We believe entrepreneurship and technology are key drivers of global development and growth

Despite representing 85% of the world population, emerging markets have received 56% of the impact funding. We want to increase the amount of investment in developing countries through supporting high-growth startups that offer scalable, innovative and disruptive solutions. 6 % of high-growth companies create 50% of the new jobs. Supporting such companies would result in increased revenues, more funding opportunities, new hires, more profitability and higher sustainability; meaning job creation, higher social impact and economic development.

Examples of our work

Promoting peace and human rights

Together with the FDFA's Human Security Division (HSD) we found and supported impact-driven startups in countries and regions prone to strong migration movements, which offer innovative solutions that reduce the vulnerability of migrants thereby alleviating the pressure for people to move through irregular channels.

Transforming education in rural and low-income areas

For the past 3 years, we have been partnering with TRECC and the School of Management Fribourg in search of the best education startups to award the Transforming Education Prize, which includes the Seedstars Growth Program, to help them expand to new markets and make a bigger impact.

Helping preserve natural resources in Africa

Nearly two-thirds of Africa’s land is degraded, which hinders sustainable economic development and resilience to climate change. Seedstars partnered with DOEN to launch the Land Restoration Prize by DOEN aiming at finding and awarding the best tech(-enabled) solutions in the land restoration and land degradation space.

Building an innovation hub for impact entrepreneurs In Kazakhstan

In 2019, we launched our partnership with the government of Kazakhstan and Akimat of Nur-Sultan (Astana Innovations) to help shape the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and boost the country’s economic growth. The result of our cooperation was the opening of Seedspace Nur-Sultan, an innovative hub for impact-driven entrepreneurs that serves as a place and environment for learning, connections, and collaboration.

What we offer

High-growth venture ecosystems advisory

Entrepreneurial education and training programs

Impact and high-growth venture investment

Advocacy services

Market insights

Grant advisory

How we work

Global network

Seedstars has a global network (80+ cities) of key stakeholders within the innovation ecosystem including over 2,000 investors and 3,000 mentors/experts.

Cross-industry expertise

Seedstars has a strong background in key industries such as FinTech, Edtech, Agritech, Cleantech, Healthtech and Travel due to its historical partnerships and can easily access key players across all sectors as a result of its close community of over 150,000 actors.

Innovative approach

Seedstars uses a proprietary sourcing methodology to ensure quality and reach to the top startups screened for each batch, with a current database of over 20,000 startups globally that is continuously updated thanks to a global startup competition and physical presence through Seedspace hubs.

What our partners say about us

“We share with Seedstars a passion for entrepreneurial spirit and the conviction that entrepreneurs can produce affordable innovative solutions to improve living conditions in emerging markets”.
Sabina Vigani, Country Director at TRECC (Jacobs Foundation)
Supporting Seedstars is a great way to share experiences with the most promising entrepreneurs from emerging markets.
Nicolas Bideau, Director of Presence Switzerland (Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA)
Seedstars is perfectly aligned with our vision to promote new solutions for society and to create more job opportunities that will eventually help shape sustainable economic development.
Raphaël Conz, Economic Promotion Manager, Canton Vaud

Our partners

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