As a global organization with presence in 70+ emerging markets, we are on a mission to impact people’s lives in emerging markets through technology and entrepreneurship.

Our initiatives are focused on connecting stakeholders within these ecosystems, building tech companies from scratch and investing in the top entrepreneurs.

In order to scale our activities even further and deepen the engagement in each ecosystem, we are expanding our Seedstars Ambassador program to create an international network of passionate doers who can help us achieve our ambitious goal, while being financially rewarded for their efforts.



Depending on the product which you will help us launch, you will be a part of building support structures for the local entrepreneurs and companies and help your country by positioned on the world startup map!


By working as our Ambassador and hitting your objectives, you will be rewarded by a percentage of the sales you generate and be paid for your time!


As a part of our close-knit network, you will get free data access to our in-depth insights into the different startup ecosystems worldwide.

International network

As a Seedstars Ambassador, you will automatically get access to our international network of mentors, investors and fellow Ambassadors and direct access to both the Regional and global Seedstars Summit.


You will be featured as one of our key partners and ecosystem enablers across multiple channels, such as the Seedstars App, Seedstars website of your country, as well as on our magazine.

Work space

Leverage free access to any of our 10+ design co-working spaces around the world and make use of your free desk while getting to know different startup ecosystems.


The Seedstars Ambassadors have very varied profiles, depending on the kind of engagement what you are looking for.
For example, some of our current Ambassadors fall under these profiles:

Freelance tech enthusiast

You are working as a freelancer and are looking for alternative sources of income by engaging with the local startup ecosystem


You are working as a consultant, mentor or angel investor and are looking to give back to your local entrepreneurial community

Experienced fundraiser

You have successfully fundraised in the past and are looking for interesting projects to bring to your country to help the local startup scene

Accelerator manager

You are running an accelerator / incubator and want to bring more external training and international know-how for your cohort

Co-working manager

You are running a co-working space and are interested in attracting more diverse events and training bootcamps for your members.

Business coach

You are consulting companies on their internal innovation strategies and want to diversify your activities while earning extra income.

However, all of them share several key characteristics

We are always looking for people that are:


Passionate about entrepreneurship

Keen to launch their own thing

Motivated to make an extra income

Able to dedicate their time to working with us

Highly professional

Self driven


There are several Ambassador roles you can take on, depending on your area of expertise.
Overall, the roles fall under three different categories:

Partnerships Development

As part of our Partnership Development team, you are responsible for building relationships with corporate partners to secure funding for different Seedstars activities.

You are:
An experienced fundraiser that is very well connected with corporates in your ecosystem, with extensive negotiation and sales skills

Earn up to:

Seedstars Events Ambassador

Help us fundraise between $10k to $50k sponsorships for the various smaller-scale events aimed at fostering local startup ecosystems.

Seedstars Summit Ambassador

With the objective to close between $200k to $500k partnerships, the Summit Ambassador is the key enabler of our regional and global Summits.

Seedstars Trainings Ambassador

The main objective of the Trainings Ambassador is to help us close partnerships to provide short educational programs for entrepreneurs / investors.

Seedstars Programs Ambassador

With acceleration programs such as Seedstars Academy or Seedstars Growth, the Ambassador is responsible for securing partnership amounts of up to $500k.

Partnerships Execution

Predominantly focusing on execution, you are the person launching and organizing Seedstars programs and events that we have committed to delivering to various partners and ecosystem stakeholders.

You are:
Highly organized and structured, with passion for organizing events of the highest possible quality

Earn up to:
$15k / executed partnership

Seedstars Events Organizer

Help us organize smaller-scale local events aimed at fostering local startup ecosystems, with duration between one to three days, and maximum of 300 attendees.

Seedstars Summit Organizer

Your role is to organize the flagship Seedstars regional / global Summits and reunite all the key regional / global stakeholders and up to 1,000 attendees.

Seedstars Certified Trainer

Become one of the Seedstars Certified trainers and organize and provide targeted training sessions to up to 50 attendees on pre-defined topics.

Seedstars Programs Coordinator

Run with us acceleration programs such as Seedstars Academy or Seedstars Growth, manage your own team and help up to 10 startups grow their businesses.

Capital Raising

You are responsible for fundraising on the global scale to help us launch new companies across the world and secure investments to grow our portfolio, with the option to co-invest with us.

You are:
Great communicator with strong entrepreneurial drive and a curious, intelligent mindset

Earn more than:

Seedstars Venture Partner

As a Seedstars venture partner, you will be expected to source potential investment opportunities, such as for launching our tested ventures in new markets.


Strong brand

Leverage the Seedstars brand with strong track record of activities organised across 75+ countries worldwide and associated credibility from collaboration with international partners such as Enel, Merck or TAG Heuer!


All our programs and events are fully developed and come with a complete range of tested templates, playbooks, training courses and tools to take on the selected project and run with it!

Global framework

As we have our global program structure and partners already set in place, it will be easy for you to plug in your desired activities into it and leverage the existing infrastructure.

Support team

With more than 20+ people in our central team, you will always have a point of contract to reach out to to brainstorm ideas and look for creative solutions whenever you need support!


Depending on the type of partnerships that you will be working on, we can come in with different co-investment and funding options to assist with closing the deal.