Careers at Seedstars

“Outstanding people have one thing in common: an absolute sense of mission”

– Zig Ziglar

Join us if you believe in our mission of impacting people’s lives in emerging markets with tech and entrepreneurship.

Who We Are

Seedstars is a company builder and impact investment fund with HQ in Switzerland and offices in Portugal, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, and a presence in 70+ emerging markets.
Our initiatives are focused on:

  • Connecting stakeholders within ecosystems through Seedstars World (the largest startup competition in emerging markets) and Seedspace  (the fastest growing network of coworking spaces in emerging markets)
  • Building our own tech companies from scratch, tackling the most critical issues through fintech, edtech, cleantech etc solutions.
  • Investing in the top entrepreneurs in emerging markets.

Our Culture

Our culture and our values got us here, so we take them very seriously. We are in a constant positive tension between dreaming and getting things done, between launching new projects and consolidating what we’ve build, between trying new ways and making sure we do the right things right.

What are the key ingredients of our culture? (1) Bring on board young ambitious people driven by having an impact and a desire to build something great (2) Empower them with the right skills, knowledge, challenges and support they need (3) get out of their way and let them amaze you.

Why you should join us

You have autonomy and independence

We believe in getting things done. We have a flat hierarchy and the management is here to offer you support, not to micromanage you. Most of the teams have a bi-weekly meeting, some also have a 15 min daily standup, but how you want to work is your choice, as long as you get things done. We also think that responsible people should have the freedom to chose how they want to work and decide how many days of holidays to take each year or when and how many hours to work each week.. If you are not a fan of the 9-5 schedule or you are a night owl/early riser then you are welcomed here.

Grow with our mission

At Seedstars, you are encouraged and supported to do your best work, and to constantly take on new challenges. What are some of the challenges our teams are currently working on? Travel the world and scout for the best startups in emerging markets, build or scale companies from scratch in new locations, recruit top entrepreneurs worldwide to join our mission, develop tech products impacting thousands of people. One thing is for sure: our ambitions are big and we will never run out of challenges.

Join a world class team

We take pride in the people we bring on board, since they are the ones who make things happen. Learn from the best by joining a diverse (+30 nationalities) and young team of entrepreneurs and doers who are united by the same mission. From ex-entrepreneurs, consultants, PHds or scientists, we invite in our team only the best in their field or people who have the potential to become the best in their fields.


This is truly an exciting time to join the company

In the last years, we have managed to build a strong network in 70+ emerging markets, to build a respected brand and attract many supporters of our cause. Now we are at a pivotal moment when we use everything that we’ve built and go to the next level. From launching tech companies from scratch in emerging markets, scaling companies we’ve launched, setting up our own investment fund and developing new co-working spaces, we are jumping on more and more ambitious projects.

Roles available at Seedstars