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"Facilitating empowerment without boundaries by providing care and coaching exactly where it is needed and beneficial, AYAT Care transpires through connection and enablement to facilitate the help to self-help.

International collaborations and partnerships enable AYAT Care to set steps towards achieving cross-border strength through knowledge exchange, empowering people through skill migration all over South-East Asia.

With its focus on sustainable and fair employment, education, and engagement, also of marginalized groups, every single employee demonstrates the ownership of AYAT Care’s services."

The problem we are solving

Accordingly to WHO, there 12 million senior citizens which will be increase to 20 million by the 2030. This means we have less than a decade to prepare Bangladesh to respond to the need to caregivers and nurses. On the other hands, Bangladesh has around 30.1 million youth aged 15 to 24 years (15 million is female), this huge number of force can be part of this new emerging sector in healthcare where employability will ensured and another scope is exporting human resources as caregivers to developed countries.


  • We have our own training centre to ensure quality of caregivers
  • We assess the health condition of the Senior and find/match a suitable caregiver
  • Live-in Care is an affordable and effective option compared to cost of hiring Interim Caregiver and/or Nursing home stay.
  • We will be a one stop shop platform for all types of care services

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