Bihani Social Venture

Providing age inclusive services with focus on mental and physical well-being

"Bihani’s for profit social enterprise model is designed around the intersection of innovative business service/products and non-profit impact for older adults.

To generate income, we categorize our services/ products as either (1) Organizational, (2) Social, or (3) Health & Rehabilitation for individuals/families, organizations and businesses. Our services are Home Based/ Online or Face to Face. We introduced certified ageing course along with, the list of interventions we provide is also the first of its kind in Nepal.

For impact/ non-profit components we work with our partners who are staff or residents of aged care homes including elderly inmates in Prisons. We introduced the 1st privilege card for older adults and family in Nepal providing access to benefits and discounts for our members and work for the overall wellbeing of those within our network impacting the lives of up to 600 individuals every month."

The problem we are solving

  1. Lack of Awareness and Knowledge about ageing issues
  2. Challenges in managing mental and physical well-being of older adults and caregivers
  3. Risks of older adults being socially isolated due to COVID-19 pandemic


Innovative, diverse and inclusive aged care services and activities to promote the formation of new bonds and exchange of knowledge/ capacities among Elders, Individuals, Families, Caregivers and Aged Care Providers to improve the quality of life of older adults.

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