JobNukkad Services Private Limited

Online portal in India that helps families connect with caregivers in their locality without paying commission to an agency. It is cheap and fast.

We are an online job portal for women working as domestic workers such as child care, patient care, elderly care, maids, cooks etc. We connect workers with employers directly without a middleman thus solving a big problem for both the sides. We are present in 5 cities of India i.e. Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Pune (having a total population of ~55 mn). More than 4500 women have found a job through our portal. We are profitable and 3x the size of our only competitor in India.

The problem we are solving

  • Hiring of domestic workers is completely unorganised.
  • Matching of employers and job-seekers takes time in an offline world.
  • Offline agencies do not provide the value for the price that charge.
  • Women are forced to drop out of their jobs in the absence of reliable care.


  • We are creating a digital identity for women at the bottom of the economic pyramid and helping them get better job opportunities near their homes. They can find a job by giving a missed call.
  • We are 20 times cheaper than offline agencies due to the use of tech, thus making it affordable for families to hire quickly.

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