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Kiddocare is an on-demand childcare platform that matches parents with trained and certified childcare service providers for personalized childcare services. Our proven business model and processes allow for rapid expansion without compromising quality of service. Our technology allows for flexibility for parents to get suitable caregiver based on their requirement at anytime and anywhere they need. Our technology and SOPs have also helped address parents and caregiver's greatest concern around safety, allowing for monitoring, live updates and profile checks. Being 3 years in existance, operating in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Kiddocare has generated income decent for more than 2000 women registered as our caregivers, improved their quality of lives and enable life long learning opportunities for them to build their careers in new era childcare.

The problem we are solving

Malaysia needs 39,000 childcare centers but only has 4000 to accommodate the needs of 5M children, causing parents to leave their children at unregistered centers or unskilled caregivers. Over the years, Malaysians have been deeply saddened by news of children being abused, raped or molested by unregistered occupants in the caregiver's household, injured due to negligence, and in some extreme cases, death. News like these call for desperate measures, often leading to mothers having to leave their jobs. Some women in the workforce even decline promotions and career advancements to manage home responsibilites. Kiddocare was established on the basis on supporting women economic empowerment, by solving their main concern - access to affordable, reliable, flexible childcare. At the same time, create income opportunities for women to work as professional caregivers.


Kiddocare's on-demand childcare platform was designed to solve inefficiencies in current Malaysian childcare environment. Our technology was built to facilitate parent's connection with suitable caregivers, with our matching algorithm. The technology also allows for personalization, which allows childcare services to be tailored to specific needs. Kiddocare's processes and automated SOPs ensures safety of child, caregiver and the service, while delivering similar service experience no matter who the caregiver is, which is crucial for an on-demand care platform. Our technology and business model allow for fast scale, with small capital investment. This would solve the problem of insufficient centers, by complimenting with personal childcare. Our platform also enables expansion in different types of services and partnerships that would help to retain clients by expanding their CLTV while diversifying revenue streams.

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