Empowering older adults to live independently longer, healthier and safer while providing peace of mind to their families.

We are radically transforming independent living for older adults through a collaborative care ecosystem that brings together all stakeholders within the home healthcare market to deliver value based care seamlessly with therapeutic tools from anywhere using any device.

The problem we are solving

90% of older adults surveyed want to age in place. However, 95% of the world's 65+ years population have very little or no long term care coverage. With a rapidly ageing population that is often socially isolated combined with soaring medical costs, there is a need to improve overall heathcare outcomes for older adults to reduce healthcare expenditure in the long term.


Homebased healthcare can help to ease the financial burden of healthcare expenditure for older adults provided that they have the means to maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle living independently as they go through the later stages in life. We are empowering adults with technology to enable them to stay connected with their friends and families, and be healthier and safer living independently in their own homes. This is achieved through Mobicare, that brings together all stakeholders with a common goal to deliver value based effective care through a collaborative care ecosystem that is accessible from anywhere using any device.

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