Kawilab Energy Systems

Problem we are solving

Smallholder farmers spend over 30% of their daily income on unsustainable, unclean cooking fuels. These fuels are not only becoming expensive by day but have proven to be a stumbling block to their socio-economic growth not to mention their adverse negative impact on health and the environment. Due to lower incomes, they are not able to afford the higher initial rates associated with clean cooking fuels and technologies, and cannot easily secure financing from banks and other financial institutions for clean energy products.


Through a web-based mobile platform, smallholder farmers through their groups are able to get innovative financing packages and help to build centralized group-based biogas digesters. The digesters recycle organic waste including agricultural and household waste into clean cooking energy. In addition, organic fertilizers are produced as by-products. through the platform, users are given tailored insights into how to use organic fertilizers to increase their farm output and reduce input by 50%.

Briefly, we use clean energy as an avenue to promote a sustainable circular economy to achieve socio-economic and environmental sustainability.

The team

Kennedy Akunda, Co-founder

Youth Climate Innovation Labs Demo Day 2021

A project supported by the United Nations & the European Union.