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There are over two million retailers in Pakistan and they all face problems purchasing supply. They have to source from numerous wholesalers, who charge high prices, and they can’t get a loan/credit. Dastgyr is a B2B marketplace that connects small retailers with manufacturers and suppliers. Dastgyr’s app helps retailers save 30% when buying supplies and offers loans; to buy now and pay later.

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The problem we are solving

Dastgyr is a B2B marketplace that connects these small retailers with manufacturers and suppliers.

Some of the biggest pain points of these small retailers (known as Kiryana stores) are:

  • Extremely high prices and inconvenience
  • They get unfavorable rates and face huge inconvenience in procuring from multiple channels (mostly wholesalers). Inconvenient and expensive logistics
  • They have to arrange inward logistics of most of their purchases themselves. Unavailability of credit facilities
  • Despite their willingness to grow, they do not have access to outside capital to enable them to grow.


Dastgyr provides retailers with a one-stop solution for all their inventory needs. By logging into Dastgyr’s application, they are able to place an order in seconds and get on demand delivery (free of cost). And if they choose to work with Dastgyr for 3 months, they are also eligible for credit purchases..

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