Digital debt collections & risk mitigation platform focused on 'new to credit'.

Datacultr is an AI-driven risk mitigation & collections management platform that reduces delinquencies & NPAs, making it viable for financial institutions to provide loans to the 'new to credit'

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The problem we are solving

2Bn+ people the world over remain excluded from the fold of formal credit because of various reasons, primary being lack of credit scores & collaterals that can be given out as a security. This happens because majority of this population is not in the organised sector, a miniscule of them pay taxes & its impossible to get their business & income data. In such a scenario, a very small population has access to formal credit.


Datacultr allows lending companies to significantly reduce their risk on 'New to Credit' customers, by converting their smartphones into a virtual collateral. A smartphone is a high value utility for most low & middle income people and hence is a smart choice of a collateral.Datacultr allows the lender to influence repayments, via AI-driven interventions, that help:

  1. Educate these first time borrowers
  2. Communicate in a timely fashion
  3. Nudge & take action in cases of delays & defaults

The platform’s fraud prediction module is built to provide alerts/triggers to the lender, that indicate fraud or unusual behaviour, with tools to take real-time action, significantly impacting default rates & NPAs

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