Digital background check and employee wellness provider.

We consolidate trusting relationships between companies and their talent, centralizing historical and future employment information of employees and accompanying their day-to-day life through technological tools for emotional well-being, allowing HR teams to make hiring and well-being decisions faster, anywhere, and reliably.

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The problem we are solving

We found that background information is decentralized and when it comes to verify it, the times are 15 days, generating big problems like cost overruns and uninformed decisions. Also, it's very hard for companies to know their workers and create relationships based on trust. Like Sura, there are 18 million companies in Latin America who need to hire better and support their peers.


Through our solutions, HR teams can verify the historical information of their candidates, have support tools such as socio-economic studies and provide emotional support to their employees, relying on data analysis to project the future of the organization and talent.

We have developed technology for companies to upload massively the information of their candidates and we verify in real-time all their work history, police, and financial records.

In addition, we have developed a logistical network of psychologists throughout Latam that uses technology to meet different HR needs, such as socioeconomic interviews, hiring interviews, prevention interviews, verification of the conditions for remote work, and emotional support. Through People Analytics, we project the problems and opportunities that HR teams have, transforming trust relationships at work.

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