Buy now, pay later of home appliances

Graviti is a buy now, pay later solution that enables unbanked, low-income customers in Latam to buy home appliances through a range of merchants by providing customers accessible loans. At the same time, we enable this merchants to access a huge market that they couldn't before.

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The problem we are solving

100M families in Latam don't have access to a single appliance in their homes because they can't afford to buy them up front and, since they are un banked, they don't have access to credit. At the same time, merchants can't access this huge market because of that same financial barrier.


Through our conversational commerce technology, we recommend our customers the perfect appliance to meet their needs, underwrite their loan, do KYC and fraud detection and review their contract, all trhough an automated conversation. Through our buy-now-pay later solution, merchants can add the Graviti payment method to their checkout and offer their products with loans to the customers that can't pay them upfront and don't have credit cards.

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