Cárbula is an online marketplace where people can sell and buy used cars

"We are an online platform that allows users to sell used cars, without intermediaries, for up to 25% more money, in twenty days or less, without leaving home.

We handle the entire process from end to end, we sell inspected cars, in 20 days, at the best market value, with test-drives and home deliveries and all the procedures already solved.

On the other side (buyers), we offer a digital catalogue with complete end-to-end purchasing capabilities, extensive vehicle data (carfax, DMV), photos and a +150 points in house car inspection. We offer competitive financing options, mechanical warranty, car insurance, taking care of trade-ins, with home delivery and all paperwork done. Simple, safe and convenient."

The problem we are solving

"Just in LATAM 50.000 used cars are sold every day. 90% of those transactions are informal, conforming a 40% fraud rate. In ten years there are going to be 275.000.000 of cars worldwide and LAMEA region is going to experiment an annual growth rate of 8.7% between 2020 and 2030."


We use Artificial Intelligence to analyze markets in real time, helping our users get up to 25% more money in less time. We handle the process from end to end, listing the car on the most relevant sites, serving the interested parties, handling all the paperwork and guaranteeing the safe collection of funds. Simple, transparent and convenient.

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