Jingle Pay

Jingle Pay is a mobile first digital banking application providing affordable and accessible smart conventional / islamic banking and payment services for the underserved expat population

We are a digital banking application tailoring accessible and affordable financial services for the 168M expat population who lack access to a basic bank account. Outward remittances surpassed $46B from the UAE, the second largest market following the US for remittances. Jingle Pay is a regualted Money Service Business, empowering its customers with a fast, fee free digital account to save, spend and manage their finances all in one place.

The problem we are solving

Financial exlcusion 168M in the Arab world lacking access to a basic bank account. Low income expats have to use salary cards or cash. Majority of the expats in the UAE are from emerging markets, such as India, Pakistan, Egypt, Phillipines, Bangladesh,... and are price sensitive in nature. Sending money is very expensive up to 21x and lacks transparency due to back-door charges. Customer service and experience is poor. Nearly 36% of millennials are financially illiiterate and over 50% of milllenials in the GCC are unsatisfied with their bank.


"Fast, fee free local currency account with no minimum balance requirements. Customers can manage all of their finances in one place by linking all of their bank accounts to the app. They can receive salary into their Jingle Pay accounts from their employers, spend in the local currency using the multi currency prepaid card whenever they travel and send money for free to 160 countries (Cash Pick-up, Card 2 Card, Bank accounts, and mobile wallets). Jingle Pay has built the first remittance marketplace where various exchange houses, and money transfer operators are integrated into the app matching the best fee free rates, creating up to 21x savings compared to sending money using a local bank."

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