On-demand pre-screened blue-collar workers on long & short-term basis for Indonesian businesses.

"Hiring blue-collar workers is extremely difficult in Indonesia. It is hard to assess workers for skills and the turnover rates are extremely high.

MyRobin provides on-demand, pre-screened, blue-collar workers on a long and short-term basis to business in Indonesia. The platform tracks workers' daily attendance, performance, and all payments are processed via the MyRobin platform while providing worker benefits such as subsidised Early Wage Access, micro-insurances, and access to vocational training.

MyRobin has the largest workers' community in Indonesia of more than 2.5 million and revenues have grown 7X since Jan 2021. "

The problem we are solving

"Enterprises struggle to recruit blue-collar workers becasue blue-collar workers do not look for jobs on platforms like LinkedIn, instead they discover jobs via friends, Social Media, or stumble upon them.

Enterprises find it hard to assess them for skills as worker do not have CVs and CVs are useless to assess if someone can deliver 120 parcels a day. Lastly, the turnover rates exceed 20% per month.

From a worker perspective, they live hand-to-mouth and always and need access to money 2 weeks before the payday - the current choice costs them 12% a month. They also lack any access to affordable & relevant trainings that can help them upskill, earn more and improve the life of their family. "


"MyRobin provides companies with on-demand, pre-screened workers in 24 hours at scale. Businesses can hire on a long-term or a short-term basis, a necessary flexibility in The New Normal.

Our Workforce Management Platform tracker workers' daily performance, attendance, and even the payments are processed via the MyRobin platform.

We also provide workers with benefits like cheap access to short-term loans, discounts on daily needs, and upskilling opportunities to boost retention, productivity, and improve their lives. "

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