(Re)empower restaurants

OlaClick (YC W21) makes it easy for restaurants in LATAM to sell food directly to their customers. Today, 80% of food orders in LATAM are still made over the phone and paid cash. With OlaClick, restaurants create their digital menu, promote it in one click, and start receiving food orders. Launched one year ago, OlaClick supports 26,000 active restaurants (60% in Brazil and Mexico) and already sees 5MUSD in value of orders per month. The founding team has diverse backgrounds within large companies in LATAM (Google, Facebook, Redbus) and one co-founder has already led a company to a successful exit.

The problem we are solving

"Small and medium restaurants are not a fit for food delivery apps but they are selling online

  • They want to take online orders but not to pay a delivery fee (80% of order over phone)
  • They want to accept cash payment with orders
  • They want to own the customer / customer database"


"We have created a simple tool that allows Businesses to have their own channel in 7 minutes

We also provide Business Intelligence for SMBs with proved results:

  • Reorder Rate up to 52%
  • Sales +4x"

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