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Omnibiz bridges gaps in B2B FMCG trade by digitizing the key stakeholders. We have provided over 45,000 retailers the ease of buying from an assortment of 300+ products. We collaborate with hundreds of existing distributors and logistics providers who use our app to fulfill orders. We are able to provide consumer data on product-market coverage, brand loyalty and category performance to 30+ manufacturers.

The problem we are solving

1.2 million FMCG retailers face irregular supply, low on investments, lack access to funds and are not able to avail right prices from manufacturers due to largely unstructured and fragmented trade. Omnibiz helps retailers get proper supply of goods and access to funds from the comfort of their shops, so they can focus on goring their business. Omnibiz currently provide 45,000 retailers with supplies over $3m per month across 6 cities in Nigeria.


Eliminating the inefficiencies of traditional trade by providing a digital platform for all stakeholders. We are doing this through our asset-light model and digitizing the existing stakeholders.

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