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70% of food products consumed in Africa are imported. Companies that import fresh produce complain of inefficiency from both imports and local produce, and across West Africa, agricultural growth is limited by environmental and structural issues that reduce capacity to supply local markets.

Youth unemployment is also as high as 70% across West Africa and agriculture represents a hug opportunity for job creation. However, agribusiness is capital intensive and often inaccessible.


AquaFarm Africa's vision is to reshape Africa’s economic destiny by using aquaponics to catalyze food sovereignty and youth employment across the continent. We have engineered a low-cost, easy to use aquaponics system, and we train young women recruited from university and trade school and entrepreneurship development programs to become AquaFarmers, managing the production of their own franchise. We then leverage group economics, by managing the operational value chain – providing franchisees with services such as marketing, sales, and logistics to end buyers, quality control, aggregated inputs to reduce costs, and access to low-cost financing as well as shared land and water.

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