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Two wheelers are the number one vehicle for last mile goods and people delivery, but motorcycles are on average 10 times more polluting per mile than a passenger car, light truck or SUV. Furthermore, transportation accounts for 23% of household expenditures.


Kiri EV offers holistic end-to-end affordable and clean energy mobility services, from electric motorcycles, scooters and tuktuks to battery swapping stations across Kenya and Africa. We help increase our riders’ earnings while lowering their carbon footprint, making our cities greener, healthier and more sustainable. Our solution is electric 2 and 3-wheelers designed to cater to the user’s need for local mobility with options for private and commercial use.

Combined with ready availability of charged batteries through our network of swapping stations and charging points across the country, we increase our riders’ range and usability of their motorcycle. This eases the transition to electric motorcycles without changing the rider’s lifestyle and increasing their comfort.

Kiri will also provide long term and low interest financing to make our products accessible. Through leasing we can lower the upfront acquisition cost to the customer for out affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly electric motorcycles.

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