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Time is an important concern for customers who want to send/receive goods, items, consignment and parcels from one location to another either through the traditional courier services or tech delivery firms.

The regular logistics and delivery agencies leave you disconnected from locals, deliverers and the rural populace, making deliveries from cities to individual homes very expensive.


LOMBAZ swift is a delivery and mobile-based courier service platform designed to manage the transportation of goods, items, and consignment from one location to another, eliminating the long existent barriers of inter-state, inter-rural, and inter-village delivery. Through our mobile-based platform users can connect to our verified independent deliverers, saving them time and increasing their income, while also creating new jobs. We save our users time, money and increase their quality of life through LOMBAZ Swift.

We also provide an API delivery gateway to Ecommerce stores, online shops and digital firms, thereby bridging delivery divides between online buyers and sellers.

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