Cwallet is a blockchain powered mobile money wallet that evolves in 3 basic principles. Payroll. Payment and Remittance. Allowing over 80% of the unbanked population to access online and offline financial services that creates value within economies and business ecosystem.

Problem we are solving

There are 34 million migrant workers in the GCC including Jordan and Lebanon; out of which 31% are women that have limited access to Financial Services and eCommerce platforms to conduct local and international transactions in a practical and cheaper manner. Moreover in Qatar, there are 26,000 registered businesses and 96% fall under the category of SME. Those SMES, microSME and fellow startups are looking for cashless and contactless transactions that will provide convenient ways of accepting payments and managing their business.


Cwallet has developed dvierse products from 1. payment gateways (CPAY), digital marketplace (CSHOP) and mobile money wallet (CWALLET) that evolves in the 3 Basic Principles; Payroll, Payment and Remittance allowing users to receive their salary ontime, conduct offline and online transactions for both users and merchants, send money home, order food, order medicine, and groceries for their loved ones back home.

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