Edusko Africa is a social enterprise that helps low and middle income earning families in sub-Saharan Africa access quality education for their wards by creating access to good schools, finance and education marketplace. Currently placing hundreds of children in over 4,000 listed schools every week.
We have listed over 4,000 good, k-12 private schools and more than 100,000 parents have used the platform to place their wards in suitable schools. We have also supported over 2,000 parents with tuition finance. We have users across 30 states in Nigeria. We generated over $120,000 in 2021 and have been growing our revenue by over 20% month on month over the last 5 months. We are committed to listing over 30,000 schools, enroll more than 200,000 children in schools and empower over 50,000 low income parents in Nigeria, Ghana & Kenya with low-interest education finance by 2025.