H28 Technologies

H28 is a platform that increases the percentage of successful home finance applicants in Africa. We do this by enabling prospective homeowners to build tailor-made paths to saving towards a home downpayment while also getting the opportunity to improve their credit scores. In Nigeria and Ghana alone, there is a 24 million unit housing deficit for affordable and quality housing units. As inflation increases, and the economy tightens;rent costs are beginning to outpace home purchase costs. Yet, it is still very difficult for prospective homeowners to access housing finance. H28 is building the single most integrated platform that increases the chance of middle-income earners to access housing finance. Today, we make the easiest way for a customer to create a savings plan based on their current financial reality. In the future, and as migration increases, we will also provide the opportunity for customers to improve their credit scores using alternative sources of data like rent and even transfer the credit scores they built here to countries outside the continent.