As a child, I was almost always ill. I was either on bed leave at home or in the hospital and I could only count on my friends to bring me learning materials, and when they didn't come, I had no other alternative. In the past years, nearly every African country has been victim of security crisis, from wars, to riots and terrorism. When war breaks out, education is targeted, and students, especially girls are either attacked, abducted or murdered on their way to school or in their classroom. As a result, schools are shut down in some war affected regions and this has kept over 18 million children out of school with no other alternative in Africa. At EduClick, we understand how they feel being unable to access any form of education and find this unacceptable. That's why we developed a hybrid model to keep these kids learning despite war. Our solution supplements in-person presence with online based learning. We've built a prototype which has had over 5000 paid users and our hope is to build the complete product and start scaling beyond Cameroon to reach 1 million Users by 2025.

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