5-A-DAY Dried Fruits adds value to harvested fruits by drying and packaging them into snacks for sale, thereby contributing to the post-harvest management of fruits with the aim of filling the market desire for snacks/food products that are both healthy and convenient.

Raw fruits often have little economic value, especially during harvest time. We aim to save over 40% of fruits that end up as postharvest losses, equivalent to $9Billion loss annually in Nigeria, thereby satisfying the need of about 150 million Nigerians that wish to eat certain types of fruits but lack access to them with export in near future.

We’ve registered the business, gotten a logo, now working on small-sample-packets-design to give out samples of the MVP we produced with a small kitchen dehydrator. I plan to visit a dried-fruits company this February for prompt directions/advice. We are focusing on bananas, pineapples and mangoes for now.

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