"Hello, my name is Blandine Umuziranenge. I am the founder and CEO of Kosmotive, a social enterprise that focuses on improving reproductive, maternal and child health in Rwanda and throughout Africa. For all menstruating girls and women struggling to get adequate menstrual hygiene products, we produce affordable sanitary pads and provide an information platform for any concern about their menstrual and reproductive health. Our KosmoPads are eco-friendly, reusable for 2 years, save women 88% of the money they would otherwise spend on disposable pads for 2 years, they are toxic-free and breathable which makes them more comfortable for those who are allergic to chemicals in disposable pads. KosmoPads is the leading reusable and non-toxic pad among all sanitary pads on the Rwandan market because it is easy to use and clean, tested through standards, African made for women by women and awarded on national, African and global level."

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