"A few years ago, if a Malagasy family wanted to go on vacation, the first condition that had to be checked was the presence of a family member in the destination to ensure accommodation. Also, there are no tourist offers offered by the tour operators corresponding to the purchasing power of the locals. Not only that, 80% of Malagasy people do not know the tourist sites of Madagascar according to the surveys that we have carried out. And at the same time, the Malagasy population constitutes a huge potential for developing local tourism whose potential customers are concentrated in the capital city and a few provinces with strong economic potential, all representing 40% of the local market. This is the reason why I created Marodia to give local people the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Madagascar, to establish a certain balance on the tourist market between the international market and the local market, to make local people aware of preserving heritage historical and cultural. The prices are adapted to the purchasing power of the target customers while taking advantage of a certain standard of travel. By adding products that enhance the range of travel we offer to our customers, including carbon offsetting activities, travel kits ..."

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