K-Startup Center Singapore Supports 10 Startups Expanding Across Asia


K-Startup Center Singapore Supports 10 Startups Expanding Across Asia

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NOVEMBER 15, 2021

Supporting the entry of Korean growth-stage startups into overseas markets, K-Startup Center held an accelerator program to help local FinTech and Smart City startups expand into Singapore and the Southeast Asian region. The startups will be able to pitch their products during the K-Startup Day. Join the event by registering here.



K-Startup Centre Singapore helps Korean growth-stage startups from FinTech & Smart City sectors to expand their business into Singapore and SE Asia region. The program focused on both innovative technology solutions and transformative business models, services and products addressing challenges related to FinTech and smart cities, critical market needs, and sustainable development.

Applications were open to companies incorporated in Korea, working in FinTech and Smart City industries, that have raised no less than USD 50K fundings upon application and with the average monthly revenue of minimum USD 5K/month and have diverse teams.

Startups selected to participate in the accelerator program that will be pitching during the K-Startup Day are as follows:

  • Soynet offers a range of AI acceleration solutions to cover various AI models in video, vision, time series, natural language and other data intelligence.
  • Allink Co. provides NFC tag-based Information Transfer Solution that can transfer any data from the app to the terminal without alteration on the terminal.
  • SPRINGCLOUD is a mobility service provider with a one-stop platform for AD mobility and AI data analytic services for a safe and efficient deployment and operation of autonomous vehicles.
  • AIZEN Global is bridging the gap between data economy platforms and financial institutions using CreditConnect lending platform powered by AI.
  • SENTBE is a cross-border payments platform for individuals and businesses that saved their customers 40 Million USD in fees.
  • Quota Lab is a FinTech infrastructure startup that developed an equity management platform Quotabook, which can be used by startups and investors alike.
  • DABEEO is a map tech and platform developing company offering a platform service to read and interpret the Earth by AI-based image processing technology.
  • Gaudio Lab is a spatial audio company dedicated to developing immersive, state-of-the-art audio production software offering full stereophonic sounds and integration for VR,360° video and VR gaming projects.
  • NEWSYSTOCK provides a crowd-source algorithm platform for investors in the capital market.
  • Monnit Korea is a leading provider of wireless IoT solutions with 80 different types of sensors and an easy-to-use software platform for monitoring and collecting Big Data.

The 5 month long program has provided them with capacity-building activities such as 1:1 mentoring sessions, group workshops and networking opportunities to provide support and training needed for the expansion to new markets.

Some of the mentors during the program were Joseph de Leon, the Lead Investor at Manila Business Angel Network, and Claudia Marcusson, Strategy & Innovation Lead at SC Ventures. You can find the full list of mentors here.

Each team will get the chance to pitch their product and share their progress, after which the audience will be able to network with the startups in the online breakout rooms. To find out more about the program check out the K-Startup Center Accelerator 2021 website and register for the event here: https://seedsta.rs/k-startup-day.



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KISED aim to contribute to the development of the national economy through the growth of startup businesses and job opportunities and promote the technology based startups of future entrepreneurs by cultivating entrepreneurial spirit.


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