Seedspace Bogotá, the 1st entrepreneur hub in Bogotá

May 15, 2018

Located in the heart of Bogotá, in the vibrant and prestigious “Zona G”, Seedspace Bogotà is Seedstars very first hub in Latin America: home to a great local tech community and the perfect place for digital nomads and start-ups who want to be part of the local ecosystem of entrepreneurs.


The hub held its first open house event this past Saturday as an opportunity to showcase all it has to offers for start-ups, digital nomads and entrepreneurs wishing to make the most of the opportunities and networks the town has to offer.

"For someone like me, new to the city and the startup scene, the open-minded community has proven an invaluable resource – both for expanding my social circles locally, and for growing my business."
Lukas Renlund - Digital Nomad

The open house event offered a full day packed with activities, ranging from Yoga to workshops and various speakers. The first talk was held by Juan Camilo Salazar, #SSW17 finalist, who talked about the potential for the smartphone industry in Latin America; followed by Samir Char who illustrated how IBM and Seedspace Bogotà will work together to provide free workshops for the hub occupants.


The house also hosted Alvaro Narvaez, who spoke about the important of Instagram when building one's brand, and the Wadhwani foundation workshop.


The event allowed the hub to preview the many opportunities occupants can enjoy, ranging from the ability to easily connect with other entrepreneurs in a co-living and co-working space based on the concept of entrepreneurship as a lifestyle, but also the opportunities to enjoy free weekly workshops by IBM and the Wadhwani foundation based on creating mentoring and guiding programs for entrepreneurs.

"Not only it’s a very pleasant working space but the people there are also very helpful and friendly!"

Jenny Olarte, Administrative Director SUYO


A 3 story house, with multiples amenities including meeting rooms and five offices, Seedspace Bogotà is the ideal place for those wishing to become part of a vibrant and successful community of entrepreneurs.
Seedspace mostly welcomes freelancers, early-stage startups, independant workers, travellers, and corporates employees who all share the mindset of entrepreneurship.

If you would like to join as a coworker book your free day pass here.

If you would like to work with your team in a private office part of the space, book your free day here.

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