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From $300 to $60K Monthly Revenue and Serving 400,000 Students Worldwide | Daria Kroshkina

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MARCH 03, 2020

With a passion for learning, growth and continuous development, Dasha turned the knowledge she used herself to secure scholarships with some of the most prestigious schools and universities in the world, to an education solution for students around the world. Her startup StudyFree is a platform created to help young professionals around the world, in particular from emerging countries, study abroad for free with scholarships and grants.

By taking on every role within the business herself, Dasha has grown her company from $300 initial revenue to a monthly turnover of $60,000 in just 18 months. Now her business is serving 400,000 students from 108 countries. Listen to our episode to learn more about StudyFree and how Dasha has grown her company.

The podcast is also available in the video format:

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