How Alejandra Gaviria is making waves in the male-dominated industry of financial technology in LATAM


How Alejandra Gaviria is making waves in the male-dominated industry of financial technology in LATAM

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MARCH 09, 2023

Alejandra Gaviria was determined to make a positive impact in the world of finance. After seeing firsthand how difficult it is for startup companies like hers to access financial services, she founded Efinti – a startup focused on providing factoring, confirming, and credit lines specifically tailored for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).



Through Efinti, Alejandra and her team have made significant progress towards increasing social inclusion as well as contributing positively towards economic development by supporting budding entrepreneurs when they need it most.

Unfortunately, Alejandra's journey has been no easy feat: "As a woman entrepreneur I have faced the fact that, in the middle of the 21st century, they still do not meet with you because you are a woman. You do not have the same credibility as a man," shared Alejandra.

She has also faced the added challenges of managing her roles as a mother, wife, and business leader. Alejandra comments, "The challenge is to live looking for the balance between everything that needs to be done with a lot of resilience, discipline, and organization."

Despite these challenges, Alejandra has powered through it all to grow Efiniti. Taking part in one of the Seedstars Programs, RUTA N Acceleration, Alejandra was also able to receive the support she needed. “Without a doubt, they provided us with many tools so that we could implement and optimize our processes,” Alejandra comments about her experience.

She shares that Seedstars was also able to open up an expansive network of contacts for potential advice or support. Her achievements during the RUTA N Acceleration program included growth in customers, revenue streams, networks, and investment opportunities. All of which have helped take Efinti to new heights.

As an outstanding woman entrepreneur, she shares some advice from her journey so far: Discipline and resilience go hand-in-hand with organization when achieving one's goals - but even more important is having a strong support network in both personal life and business life alike.

For more information about RUTA N, visit the program page here. Learn more about Efiniti here.

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