Meet the five Chilean startups landing their product in Peru


Meet the five Chilean startups landing their product in Peru

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JUNE 7, 2021

BizMatch: ProChile Initiative seeks to connect innovative startups from Chile with Peruvian companies to implement and test their digital product for a specified period of time and also to have the opportunity to enter into a new market.

For the second time, Seedstars and ProChile teamed up for another collaboration with the help of the ESAN University from Peru. The program provided a new initiative for entrepreneurs. The initiative gave five startups from Chile the opportunity to test their product or service in the Peruvian market. With this project, ProChile demonstrated once again support for entrepreneurship, internationalization, and innovation during the pandemic.

The program Bizmatch gave Chilean companies the opportunity to generate relationships with local Peruvian corporations by allowing the startups to implement their tech solutions for a trial period. The opportunity gave them the chance to carry out both commercial and technical validation of each of the startup's technologies in the Peruvian market. The end goal of the pilot period was for the startups to generate a long-term business opportunity with the companies, further helping them strengthen their presence in Peru while building ties and networks that promote productivity in both countries.

With this initiative, we hope to increase the presence of innovative and highly scalable tech companies in the market while undoubtedly enabling them to further their expansion in Latin America. Based on our market intelligence, we believe that we will have positive results, so we are eager to see that the results of the program would provide new opportunities,” says Helmut Eichhorn, Commercial Director of ProChile in Lima.

Lisa, Lobby Control, Edipro, Kapptek, and YOY were the five selected companies for the Bizmatch program. These five companies come from diverse industries such as Insurance Technology (InsurTech), Property Technology (PropTech), Education Technology (EdTech), and Mine Technology (MineTech).

Insurance Technology:

Lisa, led by Gino Bustamante, seeks to create a change that redirects the insurance industry to a new paradigm away from the traditional one and assures all people with well-being and tranquility to face an uncertain future. Lisa offers different services, among these: Lisa Claims, a platform that controls and manages all claims settlement processes thanks to the use of technology, guaranteeing safety, better operational efficiency, and greater satisfaction of the insured.

Property Technology:

LobbyControl, led by Nicolas Uribe Espinoza, is a proptech system created by firefighters and for firefighters that collects information from buildings in peril and their communities, making it available to firefighters in less than 15 seconds. It reduces the delivery time of information by 98% since it makes available all the information necessary to better direct rescue operations such as extinction and control. The company won first place in The Babson Collaborative Student Challenge 2019 in Chicago by solving one of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals which seeks to promote and make cities safer.

Edipro, led by José Miguel Oyarso, offers condominium management software. The application provides a complete technological solution for the problems faced by the condominium and building communities. They highlight transparency between co-owners, administrators, and tenants, providing each of them with online tools to connect, save time, and reduce costs.

Education Technology:

YOY, led by Emerson Puelles, is a Chilean startup that specializes in virtual reality as it carries out custom development through the use of technology. YOY offers educational workshops for the educational sector with the aim that students learn with virtual and augmented reality. YOY plans to generate high-impact educational experiences by using machine simulators and implementing situations in virtual educational spaces. Although they have agreed on two pilots in the educational industry, there are big opportunities as well in the mining and port sector.

Mine Technology:

Kapptek, led by Luis Espinoza and Pamela Espinoza, is a minetech that provides an OTR development and optimization platform for mineral processing plants that work in real-time, allowing improvements in the operational strategies of the users. Kapptek offers several benefits such as an increase in production, optimization of water consumption, decrease in specific energy consumption, among others.

What’s next?

The month of June started with great news, four out of the five startups achieved their goal and will be implementing their product in five different Peruvian organizations that they were connected to during the Bizmatch program.

The successful adoption of these tech solutions only indicates more promising developments as startups continue to expand to markets and bring their local solutions to more ecosystems that need it.

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