The Migration Entrepreneurship Prize: A startup program with the mission to enhance the economic inclusion of migrants in the Middle East and Africa

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MARCH 23, 2022

The Migration Entrepreneurship Prize program is focused on socio-economic rights and reducing the vulnerability of migrants in the Middle East and Africa. Together with our partners, the Peace and Human Rights Division (PHRD) of the FDFA, we have identified and supported socially-driven businesses on a mission to enhance the economic inclusion of migrants and improve their livelihoods.

This was a six-month-long program where 18 startups across MENA and Africa completed the Seedstars’ Investment Readiness Program. They have had 12 webinar sessions on capacity-building topics and 15 dedicated mentors. 180 meetings later, these startups are ready to tackle global migration challenges and receive investments.

We asked founders from startups such as Taqadam, RBK, eflow, cWallet, GDN, and iCompass what they are working on and how their participation in the PHRD program helped them better their businesses and prepare them for future challenges.

Demo Day

You will have the chance to watch the startup's pitches on the website and book a 1:1 meeting with the founders until the mid April.

If you have questions please reach out to the program manager Adaeze Zita Edokwe

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