Spotlight on Amarilis: Empowering Local Businesses in the Dominican Republic to Embrace the Digital

Seedstars Global

MAY 18, 2020

“Not only with good intentions and good policymaking, you can change people’s lives. You need to improve your profit and people’s profit”, – Amarilis Altagracia, CEO of Made With Cana.

Amarilis has chosen to study economics as she believes it’s an efficient way to impact millions of lives. Being born and brought up in a small town, Amarilis knows all the problems facing the local people. With her solution, Made with Cana, the founder aims to open up more opportunities for local entrepreneurs and help them boost their income. In what way?

Made With Cana connects tourists with producers and sellers of local goods and services by integrating any hotel key card with a bracelet that serves as a digital wallet for payments inside and outside the hotel. Learn more about the startup and its solution in the Seedstars Spotlights episode with Amarilis.

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