Spotlight on Geraldine: Leveraging Technology to Connect Informal Markets with Consumers

Seedstars Global

JUNE 07, 2020

Meet Geraldine Geraldo, CEO of Roque Online, a solution that connects informal markets with consumers in Angola. It helps small family businesses enlarge their consumer base and adapt to the changing business environment.

The solution was inspired by the famous Roque Santeiro open-air market operating from 1991 to 2011 in the country. The market took a significant role in the life of locals and served as a source of income for one part of the society and a food provider for another. But the people who once actively participated in the country’s economy and built it up, today remain unable to compete with more advanced markets. That is where Roque Online and its technology comes to help.

Learn more about Roque Online and their way of supporting the economic growth of Angola in our Spotlight on Geraldine.

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