Discover the Most Promising African Startups in 2018


Discover the Most Promising African Startups in 2018

Nadia Mykhalevych

OCT. 16, 2018

With the population of 1.2 B people, Africa is the second fastest-developing market in the world. The region growth rate is expected to increase from 3.6 percent in 2017 to 4.1 percent in 2018 and 2019. The continent still encounters a lot of problems, and lack of government funding into the countries’ infrastructure is among the major ones. But at the same time, there are plenty of alternative ways to attract investments and accelerate the region growth.



At Seedstars, we believe in the changes brought by bottom-up initiatives and the power of every individual to foster transformation. For the last six month, the Seedstars team has been traveling across 25+ countries in Africa to spot the most promising startups and entrepreneurs in such industries as agriculture, education, finance, and many more. The entrepreneurial scene in the region is booming, thus creating new patterns for socioeconomic progress and influencing the quality of life of many Africans.

We are excited to present you the startups that are moving the African economy forward, the ones we were fortunate to meet during our tour. They all will take part in the annual Seedstars Regional Summit on 13th of December in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (more startups to be added soon):

Rera Online farm, Agritech
Rera is an online platform that provides retail consumers with the opportunity to farm their own poultry products.

Cowtribe Technology, Agritech
Cowtribe is the first last-mile animal vaccine delivery platform in Africa. Founded in 2016, it safely delivers the vaccines to farmers in the remote areas.

Benefactors, Fintech
Benefactors helps SMEs manage their cash flow by offering tailored factoring services, thus increasing SMEs’ growth and creating new job opportunities.

AgroSupply, Agritech
AgroSupply has developed a unique mobile layaway platform allowing farmers to save money for the seeds and fertilizer using their mobile phone.

SudPay, Civictech
SudPay allows municipalities to drive higher revenues by digitizing the collection of local taxes and financially including merchants.

Labes Key - School app, Edtech
School App a mobile app improving the quality of teaching by giving access to digital lessons.

Wenadata, Tech
Wenadata is an integrated opinion platform that allows getting the statistical data for strategic decision-making.

Bluewave Insurance, Fintech
Bluewave Insurance creates innovative mass-market microinsurance products, that are accessible via mobile devices.

🇬🇳Guinea Bissau
Bandim Online, Agritech
Bandim Online is an agritech solution reducing the loss of products from the producer to the customer by providing product on time at the best prices.

Kubinga, Mobility
It's a peer-to-peer ride sharing service that empowers Angolans with a cost effective and safe mobility option.

DropQue, Enterprise services/HR
Africa's first interactive and intelligent talent exchange that is a combination of one way unassisted video interviews and a powerful AI assessment assistant to get companies the best candidate.

🇨🇮Ivory Coast
REMA, Healthtech
REMA is a collaborative medicine service dedicated to connecting African doctors to make better decisions and save more lives.

Diool, Fintech
Online platform that provides liquidity and a time-saving solution for customers by making their financial transactions simpler.

MyFoodness, Food & Beverage
It's an app helping people make meal orders in Southern Africa.

🇿🇦South Africa
HiFranc, Fintech
HiFranc is an app allowing customers to make smart financial and investment decisions.

Money Farm, Agritech
Agri-business platform connecting target investors with agripreneurs in Africa and managing the agreements between two parties.

Africa Regional Summit is the last step before the global Seedstars Summit in April in Switzerland where all participating startups will compete with the finalists from Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Central & Eastern Europe for the $500K award!

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