Meet the Top 22 Startups from CEE and Central Asia


Meet the Top 22 Startups from CEE and Central Asia

Nadia Mykhalevych

NOV. 7, 2018

The 2018 Seedstars tour across more than ten countries in the region has come to an end. This year, together with our partner Luminate, we aimed at finding the best tech startups that help establish more efficient and transparent relationships between the government and citizens or make a social impact on the community.



Today, the majority of socio-economic aspects of the region are going through the transformation. Therefore, it is critical to support the citizens in their endeavour to build more democratic, open, and thriving societies. We strongly believe that the CEE and Central Asia have a high potential for tech products including the civic tech ones that can strengthen the ecosystem and accelerate the economic growth in the region.

This year, we were lucky to spot 22 ‘rising stars’ from 10 countries and welcome them to the Seedstars community. The local competition for Ukraine is not over yet. During Seedstars CEE Summit, the finalists from four Ukrainian cities will compete for the chance to represent the country at the Global Summit.

CastPrint is an individually designed fracture treatment solution. CastPrint improves the fracture treatment experience and the patient’s well-being during treatment and rehabilitation.

STYX is a tech-enabled logistics company, which through the patent-pending mobile app and SAAS platform instantly connects shippers with carriers.

Express 24 is a food delivery service allowing customers to order their favorite food from any restaurants in the city via an app.

Onbranch is an accurate virtual projection of the venues and public places such as restaurants, cafes, business centers, parks, etc.

WebTotem LLP
WebTotem is a SaaS solution that provides powerful tools for securing and monitoring websites.

Otbasy Business is an online platform that gives short-term loans for small or family businesses.

erxes Inc
erxes is a marketing, sales, and customer service platform designed to help businesses attract more engaged customers.

🇨🇿Czech Republic
Whalebone, s.r.o.
Whalebone protects the networks from harmful malware and restricts access to infected websites.

D'efekt is a community-powered content creation tool with the help of which users can create, collaborate and unleash their creativity.

Gaus is a job search platform for junior developers.

It’s an artificial intelligence solution that finds freelance jobs with the highest assignment possibility.

Additive Laser Technology
DMLS 3D printer manufacturer that has its own production of the powder-bed-based laser melting for metal alloys.

It’s a financial model aimed at making cleaning of the space debris profitable. is a decentralized identity management ecosystem. By integrating an innovative mechanism to store identifiers, keys, pointers, and proofs, the platform allows individuals and organizations to process a sequence of transactions without any fraud risks and third-party intervention.

B2B platform to book and manage the group reservations at hotels and venues.

Daily project management tool for teams. For every team, project Beat provides a milestone-based solution.

Business analytics tool for public relations purposes as a service for small and medium businesses.

Creditor Data Platform
Revolutionary data marketplace allowing individuals and businesses to enjoy transparent data exchange.

Capitan Growth
The first proactive marketing AI which helps businesses analyze marketing data from multiple channels, provide recommendations and tools for the automatic implementation.

It’s a mobile app, niche B2B marketplace, which guarantees direct access for buyers from all over the world to reliable organic farmers.

Business automation and client retention platform for service-oriented businesses such as beauty salons and barbershops, built for non-tech savvy people.

It’s a unique solution offering complete protection of the valuable items from counterfeiting with the help of the unbreakable authentication tag and blockchain technology.

Also, this year we are glad to invite to the Summit OneWatt, a startup from the Philippines helping the industrial manufacturers predict faults and prevent losses due to unpredicted downtime. The startup team planned to take part in Seedstars Asia Summit, but recently, they have relocated to Europe. Therefore, we are happy to welcome OneWatt to our event in the CEE region.

CEE Regional Summit is the last milestone before the global Seedstars Summit. The event will gather all the finalists from Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Central & Eastern Europe for the global competition for the $500K prize!

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