Seedstars Announces Winners of the CAF Financial Inclusion Lab 2023


Seedstars Announces Winners of the CAF Financial Inclusion Lab 2023


DECEMBER 31, 2023

DECEMBER, 2023 - In its fifth edition, the CAF Financial Inclusion Lab (LIF), a collaborative effort between Seedstars and CAF – Development Bank of Latin America, proudly unveils the winners of its 2023 challenge. The initiative, this year particularly focusing on migrant populations in Latin America and the Caribbean, has evolved into a vital arena for innovation and technological solutions in financial inclusion.



By centering on the theme of migration, the CAF Financial Inclusion Lab 2023 underscores a deep commitment to tackling the specific financial challenges and prospects migrants face, further cementing the program’s reputation as a powerhouse for transformative fintech solutions.

After a rigorous selection process, which attracted 197 applications and saw 122 projects pass the first phase, the final 20 contenders presented their groundbreaking ideas on Pitch Day, December 13. From these, 10 standout fintech startups emerged victorious, each offering unique digital solutions to enhance financial inclusion among migrant women in the region.

The top 10 winners of CAF Financial Inclusion Lab are the following startups:

  • Tu Cambio (Chile): Revolutionizing cross-border payments with AI and cryptocurrencies, ensuring low-cost, secure, and speedy transactions.
  • El Dorado (Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Venezuela, Brazil): The ultimate Payment SuperApp of Latin America, bridging gaps in the financial ecosystem with over 70 local payment channels and a stablecoin network.
  • Reddo Credit (Spain): Facilitating financial tools for immigrants in Spain, fostering economic inclusion and participation.
  • Ualá (Argentina, Mexico, Colombia): A 21st-century fintech solution serving over 4.5 million Latin Americans with its digital, secure, and user-friendly platform.
  • AAvance SAS (Colombia): Offering a comprehensive digital wallet, Visa debit card, and a suite of financial services for the migrant and unbanked population.
  • Reevalua by Preauth (Peru, Chile, Colombia, Mexico): Pioneering credit inclusion with innovative guarantee technology, enabling fair financing in Latam, including for migrants.
  • Págame SAS (Colombia): Colombia's first fully digital and inclusive correspondent, enhancing community livelihoods through mobile transactions.
  • Petal (Colombia): Providing crucial commercial credit to small businesses on digital platforms.
  • Findo (Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay): Leveraging mobile data for a unique scoring system that evaluates payment capabilities, even without credit history.
  • Monet (Colombia): Offering innovative credit solutions to Colombians, irrespective of their credit bureau reports.

These winners will now enter acceleration programs by Seedstars and Endeavor, gaining invaluable support to scale their impact.

Paula Garcia-Malpica, LATAM Regional Manager of Seedstars shared, “This year's CAF Financial Inclusion Lab was truly inspiring. Focusing on migrants, we've seen firsthand how technology can touch lives and open doors. Our partnership with CAF has been a journey of meaningful insights, where each startup's story isn't just about tech, but about real people and the drive to make a difference.”

For more information about the CAF Financial Inclusion Lab 2023, visit the website here


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