New Online Training by Seedstars: Key Business Metrics for Seed Stage Startups


New Online Training by Seedstars: Key Business Metrics for Seed Stage Startups

Saniya Giniatullina

OCT. 23, 2019

Seedstars is delighted to announce the launch of a new six-weeks training course dedicated to seed stage startups who are interested in mastering their business metrics.



Starting on the 4th of November, the training will fully take place online, tackling each week a different set of topics. The curriculum will be delivered through 10 hours of high-quality content in the format of online webinars developed in-house and based on the previous work of Seedstars with over 5,000 startups worldwide.

Online Training by Seedstars

Besides the online webinars, participating startups will also receive 10 hours of personalised mentoring and in-depth review of their business metrics with the objective to fully understand what makes a difference in their performance. These sessions will be held with growth experts Satwik Govindarajula, Head of Growth at Seedstars, and Marcelo Leopoldino, Growth Lead for Latin America at Seedstars.

“This short yet intensive training is perfect for early stage startups to truly understand their key metrics that move the needle, and become laser focused on scaling faster,'' says Marcelo Leopoldino. “We’ve been running these trainings through our on-site programs and the startups who’ve implemented them have had outstanding results, such as drastically increasing their month-to-month growth,” adds Satwik Govindarajula.

Online Training by Seedstars

The profile of the applying startups should match the following criteria:

  • Be a tech company with a team that has a good command of English language;
  • Have a demonstrable product or service (Minimum Viable Product, MVP);
  • Have traction and first customers who are generating revenue;
  • Be ready to commit to the training by participating in weekly assignments;
  • Be eager to learn and actively engage in the group sessions.

The topics of the training include:

  • Week 1: Calculate your unit economics
  • Week 2: Understand your AARRR funnel
  • Week 3: Dig deeper into your customer acquisition and activation
  • Week 4: Focus on your retention, revenue and referral
  • Week 5: Set up your KPIs and analytics to keep growing
  • Week 6: Understand your growth levers to scale faster.

Online Training by Seedstars

By the end of the training the startups will have a firm understanding of their key business metrics, as well as the concrete steps to help them grow their business in the long run. Ending the course on 13th December, the startups will be awarded with a certification of review and verification by Seedstars.

Previous participants of similar trainings have commented that the individual support helps them to reassess their progress and gain valuable advice and help. It also provides them with the ability to identify solutions or create new ideas to experiment for progression. Seedstars highly recommends this training to any startup that wishes to take the next step in their business independently of their industry or location, but encourages startups to apply as soon as possible due to the limited number of spots.

Apply for the “Key Business Metrics” Training through this link.

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