From $100 M USD Exit to Street Art Activism | Marc Berrebi


From $100 M USD Exit to Street Art Activism | Marc Berrebi

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MARCH 15, 2020

It is difficult to present Marc Berrebi in just a few sentences. An entrepreneur since he can remember, but an artist at heart, this multi-exit founder has, what one could say, lived it all. Born in Tunisia he was raised in an entrepreneurial family, which he claims set the foundation for his entrepreneurial journey as “you learn very early on that failures, the hard ones, are really part of the journey, so at least when I started I was not at all disillusioned by it, on the contrary, I took it as a game”.

Since he has exited from his third venture, the healthtech company e-Device (which he sold for 100 million dollars to a Chinese company), he is re-thinking his purpose as a citizen of this planet. Convinced that those who have achieved real empowerment are those who have ascended the Maslow Pyramid, Marc shares with us his new life guidelines and how he sees the next years to come as a philanthropist, impact investor and supporter of those that create value on this planet. “My true heroes are the hidden ones, the ones that never get recognised financially or by the press. The ones that have detached themselves from their ego and their pursuit of success and have dedicated their lives in building sustainability and support in our communities. Those are my heroes.”, highlights Marc in the talk.

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