How One Man Is Transforming Access to Mental Health Across MENA | Ahmed Abu Elhaz

Seedstars Global


Being a developer, Ahmed created a website to connect therapists to their clients for Arab people all over the world. He came up with the idea after dealing with depression himself and not being able to find professional help online in the MENA region. Ahmed calls himself a risk taker as he resigned from his secure job to start the business. Now, his mental health startup Shezlong has 40 team members and lists more than 200 therapists from 20 countries who speak 7 different languages. In total, they have raised $666,000 USD. Ahmed and his team plan to turn the therapy platform into a hub of wellness in the Arabic world.

Shezlong is one of the ten winners selected for the Entrepreneur Migration Prize by HSD. This podcast along with the Migration Episode from the Online Seedstars Summit will give you a glimpse into how this company is changing mental health access in MENA.

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The podcast is also available in the video format:

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