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Transforming the Lives of Millions of People with Disabilities Around the World | Alvaro Rios

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MARCH 15, 2020

After watching the US TV show “The Six Million Dollar Man” at the age of 5 in Colombia, Alvaro Rio, founder of Human Assistive Technologies, knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life. It was his passion to explore how technology could support and enhance the human experience through the use of bionics. This wasn’t a surprising choice of career given the path trodden by his lifelong hero, his father who dedicated his life to providing healthcare and housing to people in his home country of Colombia.

Considered a thought leader and visionary in the healthcare industry, Alvaro clearly understands all the challenges physically impaired individuals, families and medical professionals in emerging countries around the world are facing. He and his team share a passion for creating solutions capable of transforming real-life healthcare problems for people with injuries. This is truly a journey of the heart.

The podcast is also available in the video format:

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