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Digitalizing the Education Sector in LATAM | Federico Hernandez

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MARCH 03, 2020

One out of every two students in Latin America quits school before graduating, and Blended is trying to change these statistics. Federico and his co-founder Nicolas realised one big pain point within the system: communication between parents and schools. In 2015, two founders tried to talk to as many headmasters and users as possible to find out which features to build.

At that time, Federico was offered what he thought back then a dream job at KPMG, but he decided to reject an offer and asked Nicolas to quit his job as well to work on their edtech startup together.

They hired their first programmers and negotiated their first investment deal, and today, Blended is serving 500 thousand daily active users in Latin America. Federico also shares his entrepreneur story and how he dealt with hard times such as limited cash flow and not being able to pay his team.

Federico recommends reading Reid Hoffman: Blitzscaling.

The podcast is also available in the video format:

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