Rebecca Enonchong: To Be an Entrepreneur You Have to Be Crazy

Seedstars Global

FEBRUARY 30, 2020

“If a black African woman could succeed in America in 1999, then all the entrepreneurs across the world can succeed!”, Rebecca Enonchong, tech entrepreneur, founder and CEO of AppsTech and iospaces.

Twenty years ago, when Rebecca founded AppsTech in the US, the corporate world was far from welcoming to the newcomers, especially if you were a young black woman. What does it take to go on a journey from hiding your identity and ruining into the wall of stereotypes to expanding your business overseas and establishing a profitable company in 3 years after its launch? In this 10-minute talk, Rebecca teaches us to never give up, stay crazy and even raving mad.

Rather than being disappointed and angry, entrepreneurs take the energy that could have been a negative one, and transform it into something positive – something that I call ‘entrepreneurial energy’. I learn from those disappointments and challenges and always ask myself “What can I do so that other entrepreneurs can learn from my mistakes”.

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