Meet the 13 Asian Early-Stage Startups Joining Seedstars Asia Summit 2018


Meet the 13 Asian Early-Stage Startups Joining Seedstars Asia Summit 2018

Nadia Mykhalevych

NOV. 22, 2018

Asia has already proved to be among the leaders of the global tech revolution. The velocity of the region’s growth is striking.



Over the last couple of years, Asia has made huge steps in the development of the startup ecosystem and the broadening of investment opportunities. For example, only in 2017, Southeast Asia managed to attract a whopping $7.86 billion from investors. But with high speed and unlimited possibilities, there always comes high competition. Moreover, not all the ecosystems are growing at the same pace, as each country has its own cultural and commercial differences. Therefore, It’s crucial to provide local citizens with access to quality learning and funding opportunities.

In 2018, the Seedstars team traveled to 14 Asian countries including Indonesia, Singapore, Myanmar, and Vietnam to uncover Asia’s untapped potential and spot the brightest early-stage companies in the region. All 13 startups, selected during the Seedstars Asia Tour, will have an opportunity to participate in Seedstars Asia Summit on November 30th in Bangkok and later, to compete for the $500K award at the global Seedstars Summit in Lausanne, Switzerland in April.

Wobot is an intelligent surveillance solution that helps businesses analyze and get valuable insights from video data.

SmartPeep monitors patients and elderly people with the help of AI-powered cameras enabling nurses to get notified in emergencies.

🇭🇰Hong Kong
Oxpecker Labs
Oxpecker Labs developed the world's first patent-pending, non-invasive sweat sensor that helps users prevent dehydration and heat stroke.

Kid Sense
Kid Sense is a cloud-based and real-time speech recognition technology for kids.

Ombre is a digital fashion advisor that gives outfit recommendations to users based on their physical traits.

Eatlab is a deep tech spinout that helps executives in the food and beverage manufacturing business obtain accurate customer insights quantitatively.

Parkingkoi is a parking sharing platform. It unlocks hidden parking spaces in Dhaka and connects parking seeker to a parking owner.

Expedito has bridged 2000+ small and medium businesses to ship their products to more than 75 countries by providing cheaper and better cross-border shipping.

Thuocsi is a B2B sourcing and distribution platform for pharmaceuticals in Vietnam for doctors, pharmacists, and hospitals.

Joonak is a local delivery and e-Commerce solution provider in Cambodia.

🇱🇰Sri Lanka
DirectPay allows customers to make payments and day-to-day transactions within seconds by using their mobile device.

New Day
New Day is a job posting platform allowing employers to easily match with job seekers.

Foodmario is a unique food delivery platform that connects home cooks with customers.

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