Seedstars Summit 2020 Is Going Online


Seedstars Summit 2020 Is Going Online

Seedstars Global

MARCH 5, 2020


31 March - 3 April 2020



Given the growing concerns around the COVID-19 outbreak in Europe, we’ve decided to redesign the Seedstars Summit and bring it fully online to ensure everyone’s safety. The Online Seedstars Summit 2020 will happen on the same dates (31 March to 3 April) and will be completely free and open to everyone!



Of course, we are disappointed that we won’t be able to connect in person, have a quick chat at a coffee break or welcome you with a warm hug at the Summit, but let’s use this opportunity to spread the knowledge and connect virtually. And trust us, with the Seedstars team distributed all over the world, we can still have virtual coffee, as well as online breakfasts!

At the moment, we are preparing an updated agenda of the virtual Summit. We will inform you shortly on all the details. Please subscribe to the event updates to receive an invite.

Let’s go BEYOND the physical, and embrace the digital. Subscribe to the online event updates.


  1. Take good care of your health
  2. Add the dates of the event in your calendar
  3. Stay tuned

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Is the Seedstars Summit 2020 cancelled?

No, the Seedstars Summit is not cancelled. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak in Europe, we’ve decided to bring the Seedstars Summit online. We are introducing the Online Seedstars Summit 2020, a free, international, 4-day event, which will take place from 31 March to 3 April.

What is the cost to join the Seedstars Online Summit 2020?

The event is free of charge. Invite everyone! Your friends, your family, your cat. The more the merrier!

How can I join the virtual Seedstars Summit 2020?

To attend the event, you would need to register. The registrations will be open shortly and published here and on the To receive a notification of when the registrations are open, please leave your email address.

Can I contribute to the sessions of the Summit?

The speaker lineup is already defined, but you will be able to join any of the sessions, partake in the discussions, and contribute to the overall session flow.

I’ve already bought a ticket, will I get a refund?

Yes, your ticket purchase will be refunded in full. The Summit team will get in touch with you shortly regarding the reimbursement. If you don’t get any message from us in the next 7 days, please contact [email protected].

I’ve already booked my flight and accommodation, will I get a refund?

Unfortunately, travel and accommodation costs will not be refunded. We recommend you to contact the service providers as soon as possible to recover your expenses.

Is the Online Seedstars Summit 2020 going to be available for the public?

Yes, everyone interested can join. Prior registration is required. To receive a notification of when the registrations are open, please leave your email address.

I am based in Switzerland, are there any in-person activities planned within the Summit week I can participate in?

For safety reasons, unfortunately, not.

I am still planning to come to Lausanne, will there be any activities happening?

Unfortunately, we won’t organize any activities in Lausanne at the time of the Summit. All activities will take place online.

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