Thirty Colombian Startups Receive Training and Grant from Seedstars and Genie Latam


Thirty Colombian Startups Receive Training and Grant from Seedstars, Genie Latam

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FEBRUARY 18, 2022

Seedstars and Genie Latam partnered together to hold the Acceleration program where 30 startups from Colombia received entrepreneurial training as well as a grant to scale their operations. For those interested in learning more about the program, you may visit



The Acceleration program was created in an effort to support startups from Medellin powered by Valles del Software, RutaN and Alcaldía de Medellín. The accelerator was designed to enable the participating entrepreneur to effectively scale their businesses. Apart from the training, each startup gets a grant from the accelerator’s of USD 38,000.

Ruta N Acceleration program workshop

Rutanio was involved in the program as the provider of the Blockchain technological infrastructure and tokens that facilitate the distribution, execution and traceability of the resources provided to the startups.

Ruta N Acceleration program atendees 2

“It has been a great initiative to support the promising entrepreneurs in Colombia. We’ve seen and heard a lot of great feedback from the participants so we’re excited to watch them take their experience in the accelerator and take their startups to greater heights,” shares Paula Garcia, Project Manager from Seedstars.

The thirty selected startups from eighty that were part of the program are the following:

  • Agenxia - A platform that allows you to transform your brand into digital business.
  • Alfi - Provide financial education in the format of a game, easily connecting people with the financial world.
  • AnniQ - ​​A platform that transforms accounting data into customer knowledge, converting information into growth opportunities.
  • Business App - An AI stock broker advisor that uses a Financial Algorithm SAM (System Algorithmic Monitored) that provides investment opportunities in market.
  • CF ROJAS - A startup dedicated to the structuring and development of asset investment projects.
  • Analytic Board - Creates and designs the best way to visualize and communicate the value of data.
  • Colcagro - Creates a mobile platform that unifies and integrates the main agricultural services, facilitating connectivity, and generating efficiency in the buying/selling process.
  • Crediventas - An online financing company, located in the city of Medellin with nationwide coverage and with more than 5 years in the financial market.
  • Doctor uno Bienestar - A one-stop-shop online pharmacy.
  • EEIS - A brand focused on identifying, formulating, designing and implementing renewable energy projects.
  • Estudio Digital - A company that provides web design, e-commerce and digital marketing, with more than 10 years of experience.
  • GATITUD - Gatitud combines the functionality of cat furniture with innovative designs for the home, creating harmonious and irresistible environments
  • Healthchain - Manages the lifecycle of patient records and streamlines the lifecycle of medical bills.
  • Ideas BIomedicas - A company dedicated to the innovation and development of medical equipment, from production to marketing.
  • iMometrics - iMometrics allows you to take monitor temperature and view them from any device, reducing energy costs and improving the quality of your products.
  • Cielo Colombia - Transforms waste into opportunities by connecting post-consumption value chain, generating, and distributing environmental, social, and economic benefits.
  • INTERCONEXION - Automation platform for all business processes. For businesses focused on ecommerce, offline marketers, large companies and SMEs.
  • Lavaive - A company specialized in creating coffee culture in Latin America through the design of experiences and sophistication of the consumption of this beverage.
  • Llevo - Motorcycle service in Colombia
  • Manufactura Cohesiva - The go-to choice of RutaN Medellín in industry 4.0 to speed up production, standardize quality and reach global competitiveness in the different supply chains.
  • Qaholom - Accompanies organizations to plan, profile, develop and train their digital workforce, boosting their productivity through technology and the use of data based on processes.
  • Rutech - Dedicated to the personalized service of design and manufacture of rubber, plastic, and metalworking parts for the high-tech industry.
  • SOS Agro - Integrates technologies to detect areas with pests or adverse situations and make the best decisions based on data.
  • Sosty - Sosty is a collaborative livestock platform that allows producers to connect with digital farmers so that they can commercialize livestock collaboratively.
  • SSAR - Provides risk management solutions by advising clients and helping them with all needs related to loss prevention and value generation.
  • TM Solutions - TM Solutions is a software development and consulting company that offers business IT tools aimed at the transport sector.
  • Tus Fondos - Sublimation of large format fabrics for backgrounds, cylinders, textiles, tepees, advertising and much more.
  • Virtual Llantas -Enables customers to shop online for tires all across Colombia.
  • Vitalbox - Implements customized IT solutions aimed at the health sector, so that companies can increase performance and optimize efforts.
  • Wakypet - Wakypet is an app for services for pets at home, such as walkers, trainers, veterinarians, sitters, and bathing and grooming.

The program is currently in the final phase. After 4 months of learning about Strategy, Product, Team, Growth, and having monthly tactic mentoring sessions with dedicated mentors, the Online Demo Day and Investors Forum will wrap up the whole program. Only 6 companies will receive investment.

The 3rd module done, for example, was focused on all businesses to learn and share experiences with great speakers & entrepreneurs in the region:

-How to grow in your country & regionally

-Workshop on best practices of recruiting

-How to manage remote teams

-Workshop on partner agreements & vesting

To learn more about these startups and the program, you may visit the website here:



Génie LATAM seeks to accelerate the growth of all the organizations: from the small entrepreneur located in the Colombian Amazon to the large multinational company.


Rutanio accelerates and connects local innovation ecosystems with the world. Internationalizes and accelerates the innovation ecosystem, providing the world with a simple, transparent and reliable way to access the resources and capabilities of the innovation ecosystem through a Blockchain platform, a digital token and a marketplace.


Seedstars is a Swiss-based private company with a mission to impact people’s lives in emerging markets through technology and entrepreneurship. The group’s activities cover over 90 emerging ecosystems through a variety of initiatives such as the FTxSDG Challenge, previously known as the Seedstars World Competition, which is the largest entrepreneurship competition in emerging markets; Seedstars Programs that are designed to support entrepreneurs in varying stages of growth via training, education, mentoring, and access to resources; Seedstars 01, a talent incubator providing digital skills and startup-based immersive education for the next generation of changemakers; Seedspace, physical coworking spaces and hubs located in 15 countries; and Seedstars International, a global venture capital fund for seed-stage startups. For more information, visit


RutaN, We are the innovation and business center of Medellín; our purpose is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the city's inhabitants through science, technology, and innovation.


If you would like more information, please contact Michaela Villaroman at [email protected].

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